Start Again

by The Follies

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EP recorded & mixed by Eddie Guzman


released November 7, 2016

Angela Ink - guitar
Bob E Ink - drums
Seems - vocals
Xavi - bass



all rights reserved


The Follies Mc Allen, Texas

DIY punk rock from the RGV.

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Track Name: Start Again
Just when it seems
like all is gone and lost
I always seem to
find my way

Nothing you say
can ever bring me down
I know that I am
here to stay

And after all is said and done
and life just hasn't been to fun
and after all is said and done
start again
Track Name: Tonight
Well Fuck Tonight
I'd rather be alone
Well Fuck the Kids
I'd rather be at home

Staying in tonight
no luck in sight
Just me and this six pack
of warm Bud Light

Bet they're having fun
so drunk and dumb
I don't give a fuck
i'm done!
Track Name: Program
Get off your ass and buy this shit
well I say fuck that
Open your wallet don't even think
well I say fuck that

They wanna see you lonely
Living this life that's phony
Despair is really all they want

The box's consuming your brain
can't even see it's insane
your just a casualty of campaign

You're ambitions fucking stink
well I say fuck that
Happiness is the missing link
well I say fuck that

No necesitas nada mas
well I say fuck that
deja todo lo que hay atras
well I say fuck that
Track Name: No Tears, Just Beers
Drinking 20 beers a day
Since you went away
Now I've got a brand new band
I don't give a damn
You were such a liar
And full of disease
All I need is my best friend
Together till the end!

No tears, just beers
No tears, just beers
No tears, just beers
Track Name: Oi! Steve
Steve's not an ordinary guy
He traded his Docs for boots and I don't know why
He's always gotta whip it out
Then he starts talking and mumbling
You never know what it's about

No one can bring him down
No one could ever make him settle down
Oh oh good luck trying to shut him up
But the man's got a heart of gold
He's a cowboy
He's a punk!

He was all coked up one night
Got home grabbed his cat
Then almost lost an eye
Don't ever make eye contact
You'll be sorry that you got stuck
in the Oi! Steve trap

Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi! Steve Oi!

But the man's got a heart of gold!!!